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Appendix G - physical attraction or emotional intimacy...

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Axia College Material Appendix G According to Sternberg, a person can experience eight general types of love. In the following table, a type of love as identified by Sternberg is in the left column. In the center column, write the combination of components that type of love demonstrates (intimacy, passion, or commitment). In the right column, fill in the characteristics for the corresponding type of love. Type of Love Components Characteristics Non Love Absence of all Everyday encounters with people, casual acquaintances and encounters. Liking Intimacy Caring about someone enough to open up and share feelings, but no passion or life-long commitment is involved. Infatuation Passion Obsessive, “love at first sight” lacking all intimacy and commitment. Empty Love Commitment Relationships that no longer have
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Unformatted text preview: physical attraction or emotional intimacy. Romantic Love Passion, intimacy Lovers can be physically attracted to each other and share deep intimate moments though the relationship may not last forever so there is no commitment. Companionate Love Intimacy, commitment This happens after couples are married for a long time, they are still committed, still emotionally intimate but are lacking the physical passion. Fatuous Love Passion, commitment Initial heat and passion make a person feel connected but intimacy is glazed over and emotions not shared. Consummate Love Passion, intimacy, and commitment The love all people dream of where both parties are completely committed, there is deep passion, and the emotional intimacy keeps the couple best friends....
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