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Case Study Michaela Schwartz 6/9/2011 PSY 210 Mandy Smith Case Study Jennifer is a 29-year-old woman working as an administrative assistant in a marketing company; she takes her job very seriously and runs a tight ship. She met her husband, Antonio, in 2006 on a business trip, at the time of this study they have been together for four years. Although Antonio works for the county’s transportation department, Jennifer has a one-hour commute to her office each way. Jennifer and Antonio have been trying to have a baby for over a year, eight months prior to this study Jennifer miscarried; her in-laws, though with the best of intentions, keep bringing up the topic of when she will be expecting again. More than that Jennifer is still dealing with the loss of her mother a couple of years ago and as of the present time she is dealing with the thought of needing to put her father in a nursing facility against his own wishes. Jennifer is feeling tired and overwhelmed, and is experiencing physical pains throughout her body. Though Jennifer’s physician has suggested that the cause behind all her symptoms is stress, because he can find no physical cause of her pain, she denies the suggestion and states that she feels happy and is not stressed (Appendix A). Jennifer’s sources of stress begin with her one-hour commute to work in the morning. She has to wake up an hour early, has to sit in the car for such a length of time so soon after waking up, and has to deal with all the people on the road for the next hour. At work Jennifer carries the weight of the world, or in this case the office, on her shoulders and holds herself responsible for everyone there and anything that may go wrong. Then Jennifer has another long drive back home where she probably cooks dinner and tries to pick up the house. Antonio and Jennifer have been trying to have a child for such a long time, they most likely think about their potential family multiple times each day; and to have a setback as painful as a miscarriage only adds more stress. Jennifer also feels like a bad daughter for even thinking of putting her father in
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a nursing facility, although she knows it is what is best for him right now. All of this stress has Jennifer feeling overwhelmed, she does not have time to keep up on housework and she is making mistakes at work, Jennifer is just plain tired. More frequently she is experiencing headaches, backaches, and indigestion (Nevid & Rathus, 2005; & Appendix A). Worst of all, Jennifer is doubting her abilities to be a good wife, daughter, employee, and
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Case Study - Case Study Michaela Schwartz PSY 210 Mandy...

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