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1. What steps of the general adaptation syndrome will I experience? Once the stress begins to add up I will first experience symptoms from the alarm reaction, which is when my body tries to decide if it is preparing to fight through the stress or flee from it. During this process my heartbeat will increase as well as my respiration; my body will empty its stores of energy in order to work harder to fight against the stressor. Since this particular stressor is not going away any time soon, my body will go through the resistance stage which is when my nervous system slows but is still higher than normal because my body is trying to return energy stores and repair any damage. After this my body will hit the exhaustion stage, which is exactly what it sounds like. My body will literally have exhausted itself and depleted all resources needed to fight off stress. Though my heart rate and respiration may have slowed I am still under stress and am facing a weak resistance as well as deterioration. 2. What emotional and cognitive effects might this stressor produce?
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