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Once a person reaches young adulthood they make an attempt to put childish things behind them, to move forward with their lives with a new found independence. How a child is raised greatly affects how that child will turn out as an adult; their overall behavior as well as their reaction to situations. A child who has grown up in a home with Authoritative parents have a strict sense of right and wrong, they have a sense of self-esteem, and a good, loving relationship with their parents. In his or her search for independence this young adult will most likely make wise decisions, not give into peer pressure, be more self-reliable with good communication skills, and will probably work hard at achieving goals such as a career. A child who has grown up in an Authoritarian home also has a strict sense of right and wrong but not necessarily because they understand it. Authoritative parents give explanations behind their reasoning so the child may
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Unformatted text preview: understand why something is wrong; Authoritarian parents feel that the child should just listen when they are told something is wrong and do not need an explanation. This young adult will know what decisions are good and bad but will not always make the right one, they do not communicate well and may even be withdrawn or aggressive making the transition to independence difficult; especially true because he or she may not have the best relationship with his or her parents. A young adult who grew up with Permissive style parenting is the one who will have the most trouble adjusting to the new lifestyle and responsibilities of independence. These children grew up thinking they could do anything, get away with murder so to say; this does not make for a very socially acceptable young adult. This person is most likely moody, aggressive, impulsive, has poor communication skills, and poor performance....
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