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Persuasion and Conformity Scenario

Persuasion and Conformity Scenario - My classmate explained...

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Persuasion and Conformity Scenario Michaela Schwartz PSY/210 5/15/2011 Instructor: Mandy Smith Persuasion and Conformity Scenario In my original response I chose John as the person most likely to be persuaded by his new surroundings and maybe experiment in some new things in order to fit in with the new crowd. I felt that because John came from a small town where he was used to being the star quarterback, the center of attention, he may not know how to feel once he gets in a big city and has to compete against other star quarterbacks for the attention. John may feel the need to prove himself among his new peers but Donnie would not. Donnie is the type of person that feels confident wherever he goes, he has no trouble expressing himself, and enjoys the same types of activities in any situation and any setting. My classmate’s response to the scenarios was about the same as mine, except he/she took much more detail in explaining his/her opinions and even thought of some things I had not.
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Unformatted text preview: My classmate explained John’s behavior as that of a needy person, they went on to explain a situation where John may be out with some new buddies and he may choose to participate in some irresponsible behavior just because the other guys are doing it. I also agree with what my classmate has stated about Donnie, how he is a quiet person to begin with, a person who focuses on his studies and his music and not about what others think of him. I especially liked the conclusion where my classmate discussed how both John and Donnie will learn a lot from their experiences at a new school; one will learn how to adapt to a bigger city and one a smaller city, one will have to learn how to become more comfortable with themselves and the other will have to learn his new surroundings to find places to play his music; but, both will definitely leave the situation with a new outlook on things. References Appendix A. Provided by Instructor on March 12, 2010....
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Persuasion and Conformity Scenario - My classmate explained...

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