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Sexual Response Cycle - Sexual Response Cycle Michaela...

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Sexual Response Cycle Michaela Schwartz 5/21/2011 PSY 210 Mandy Smith The Sexual Response Cycle When men and women become sexually aroused their bodies go through changes, biological changes which Masters and Johnson have termed the Sexual Response Cycle. The Sexual Response Cycle consists of four phases; the excitement phase, the plateau phase, the orgasmic phase, and the resolution phase. When a person is being stimulated sexually they first experience vasocongestion followed by myotonia. Vasocongestion is characterized by swelling of the genital areas including erection of the penis and engorgement of the area around the vaginal opening. During vasocongestion the testicles, nipples, and even the ear lobes swell due to blood vessel dilation in these areas. Myotonia is the muscle tension which occurs in facial grimaces, spasms in the hands and feet, and spasms due to orgasm. Before the first stage of the sexual response cycle can begin a man will have an erect penis and swollen testicles, a woman will experience swelling of vulva, and the nipples; then as the bodies continue with sexual stimulation more excitement occurs and the first phase is triggered (Nevid, J. and Rathus, S., 2005). During the excitement phase vasocongestion causes erections in younger men in as little as three seconds after stimulation begins. The excitement phase causes the skin surrounding the scrotum to thicken causing it to be less baggy; also the testes enlarge and elevate to prepare for ejaculation. For young girls the characteristics of the excitement phase can cause slightly different side effects. Vaginal lubrication begins roughly 10 to 30 seconds after sexual stimulation has begun. Vasocongestion causes the clitoris to swell, flattens and spreads the lips of the vagina while the inside of the vagina begins to expand awaiting insertion of the penis. The excitement phase also causes the breasts to enlarge and blood vessels to be more prominent at the
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surface of the skin causing a rosy glow.
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