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support@firstload.net User name: fst 3026271 Password: u6k6yqvi First name: Dai Duong Last name: Lao Dai Duong Lao Humanities for all programs Andrew Noel Blakeslee June 27 th , 2011 A Little Sunshine in a desperate family The movie “Little Miss Sunshine” is an American comedy movie, picturing a dysfunctional and bankrupted family that travels to Redondo Beach, California. In Albuquerque, Sheryl Hoover is a typical American woman that has to take care of the whole family. In the beginning, we can see that she has to take care of her brother at the hospital and supper for the whole family. The supper was probably not healthy since it was a bucket of fried chicken, but at least she thought about it. She is always stressing because of work and her desperate family. We can see that she smokes several times in the movie. She brings her brother Frank to the rest of the family. Frank is a homosexual and a passionate for Proust. He tried to commit suicide when he discovered that his gay friend rejected him and his greatest competitor became recognized as the number one in the field of Proust. Her husband, Richard Hoover, is a teacher of self improvement and a business man that tries to sell his nine step program to reach success in life. However, he is unsuccessful to sell his program because he is not a winner. Richard is always considering himself as a winner but ends up as a complete loser. Her son Dwayne has taken a vow of silence to be a jet pilot. He is aiming this goal because of his admiration for Nietzsche. Edwin, the grandfather, was sent away of the institution for elders Sunset Manor because he was too violent and he was using overrated language. He is also addicted to Heroin and to women in general. Olive Hoover is her little daughter that pursues the dream of being Miss America. When olive heard that she had a chance to dispute the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in Redondo Beach,
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A Little Miss Sunshine - support@firstload.net User name...

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