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Grape, My Favourite Food Grape is a wonderful fruit for me and l like it very much. First, It is good-looking. A bunch of grapes looks like a bunch of agates. Its luster flicker under light or the sun is brilliant. Grapes have many kinds of colors, such as green, red, purple and so on. Being situated in grape seems to have entered the world of jewelry. When I see the so lovely and beautiful fruit, I haven’t the heart to eat it. Second, grapes are very delicious. It has two tastes are sweet and sour and I like both of it. When a grape in
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Unformatted text preview: my mouth, the sweet or sour juice past through my body as if I’m sitting on the cloud. That sweet or sour taste remain in my mouth for a long time and I can't forget it. Third, grape not only tastes delicious, but also has lots of uses. It can be made raisin, grape wine and can be processed in cakes. I like all of them. Grape had so much vitamin C and it is good for my body. In concluding, grape is so great for me so it's my favourite fruit....
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