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Dec.2 Dear Grace, I hope to get a better grade, here are three reasons. First, a high score would make my parents happy. My parents always believe me and they think I can get a good mark. I want them know that I am still hard working now, and let them think it is worthy for them to spend so much money setting me here. Second, I expect to have a wonderful future. I want to do everything better, and I care about every score that related to my GPA. When I fail any course, I will lose confidence to study and my dream will be further and further away from me. So I wish to have a better grade than before. Third, I like studying and longing to know much. I like reading and getting information from books or internet. I know interest is the best teacher for study. I have
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Unformatted text preview: the interest to study, so I would work hard and get a better score. Finally, which is the most important, I really study hard. I did like to prepare for lessons in advance. I used dictionary frequently and I tried to remember lots of words that can help me improve my English. I listened to you and wrote down what you said during class. I always stay at the classroom and review lessons when class is over. I did homework conscientiously and I want it's more perfect. Furthermore, I studied until middle night everyday as strive as when I was in high school. So I think I could have a better grade, because what I did is worth a better grade. Best wish to you and your family. Sincerely yours...
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