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Assignment4 - grape and many kinds of moonquakes The moon...

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My Favorite Festival Double Ninth Festival is one of the traditional festivals and it's also my best favorite festival. First of all, I always feel warm at the time of year. In my family, everyone is always busy and we have no time to sit together on usually. But on Double Ninth Festival, we will get together to have dinner, watch TV, chat and watch the full moon at night. Then, we will drink wine to celebrate a better life and give the best wishes to each other. I think it's a so wonderful festival because it brings much happiness to me. Another reason is I would eat many delicious foods and play with my brothers and sisters until the middle of the night. My parents always buy a lot of foods before the festival, such as watermelon, jujube, plum,
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Unformatted text preview: grape and many kinds of moonquakes. The moon will be bigger and more beautiful than any time of year, so we could eat the foods and enjoy the bright full moon until the middle of the night. This is an unforgettable memory. The most important reason is my mother’s birthday is in mid- autumn Festival. At the time of year, I could presented flowers to her and give her the best wishes. I could help her to do housework to express my gratitude. Moreover, I can talk to my mother about my feelings and I could share my happiness and sorrow with her. Double Ninth Festival is also my mother’s favorite festival. After all, I like mid- autumn festival and it's my most favorite festival....
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