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COM Visuals - different paragraph Using appropriate visuals...

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1) Identify the different types of statistics, graphs, and illustrations that are appropriate for your topic. With a topic like mine statistics are everything. Then only way for me to explain the number of people on death row, the number actually executed, and the number exonerated is to find and share statistics found. Graphs or charts could also be effective when comparing one year to the other or one race to the other. Visuals such as pictures or art can be used to try to get the reader to feel empathetic to the situation or to stimulate an emotion of some kind. 2) Where do these visuals fit most effectively into your paper? Explain how these visuals strengthen your argument. Visuals fit into your paper in the most logical area. If you are writing about a statistic, that is where you would place the graph or chart; not on the next page in the midst of an entirely
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Unformatted text preview: different paragraph. Using appropriate visuals that do not distract the reader can improve your credibility. 3) Two visuals and an introductory sentence about both. A) Defendant-victim racial combinations White Victim Black Victim White Defendan t 619 (52.68%) 15 (1.28%) Black Defendan t 243 (20.68%) 132 (11.23%) Statistics show that whites, more than any other race, densely populate death row. However, only a fool would believe that there are only 15 murders a year that involve a white defendant and a black victim. A white person who murders a black person is likely to go to jail; but, unlikely to make it onto death row. Whereas, a black person who murders a white person, is almost always sentenced to an execution. B) The execution of Angel Diaz in 2006 shows the “lethal injection violates the constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.”...
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COM Visuals - different paragraph Using appropriate visuals...

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