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I must sheepishly admit that “Citizen Kane” is not something I am familiar with. I know of Orson Welles and have heard of “Citizen Kane” but it is not something I have ever viewed or read until now. On the other hand, not having a clue about whom Mr. Kane or Mr. Gettys are may prove to be beneficial to this assignment. The first thing I noticed, not having any clue who these characters are, is that Mr. Kane seemed to be using dysphemism’s to downplay Jim Gessys’ character. Kane appeared to be emphasizing the “disagreeable aspects” of Gessys. I also found some of Kane’s statements to withhold some weaseling qualities. It was not so much that Kane did not support his arguments as much as it seemed like his arguments were weak. He made sure there would be no room for anyone to criticize him or his arguments, no way for him to be challenged; thereby, leaving himself a way out if one did find something wrong with him later. Kane was very forceful in his speech and at times showed anger which made him seem passionate about his topic. These fallacies are
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