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Discussion w Pulmonolgoist - was placed and the oximeter is...

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Scenario 2 Pulmonolgoist – What is the case with the patient in room three? Myself - Patient came into the ER around 11:30 last night complaining of a cough along with dyspnea . During Dr. Smith’s examination he heard what appeared to be pleural friction rub so he ordered PFT’s and also a PA chest x-ray . Around 2:25 a.m. the patient’s oxygen levels dropped and he stopped breathing so an endotracheal tube
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Unformatted text preview: was placed and the oximeter is now reading normal oxygen levels. I think I would first perform an echocardiogram on the patient in order to have a picture to see exactly what we are dealing with. Also, before considering surgery of any kind, I would want to try some type of drug treatment for heart failure such as ACE inhibitor drugs or digitalis drugs ....
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