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Axia College Material Appendix F Complete activities I, II, & III, and post to the Individual forum. I. Use the diagrams on pp. 103-104 to complete sections A, B, & C. A. C. 1 Oral cavity 1 Liver 2 Teeth 2 Duodenum 3 Tongue 3 Ascending colon 4 Sublingual gland 4 Cecum 5 Submandibular gland 5 Appendix 6 Parotid gland 6 Rectum 7 Pharynx 7 Anus 8 Esophagus 8 Transverse colon B. 9 Descending colon 1 Esophagus 10 Sigmoid colon 2 Cardiac sphincter 11 Ileum 3 Fundus 12 Stomach 4 Body of stomach 13 Spleen 5 Pylorus 14 Jejunum 6 Pyloric sphincter 7 Pancreas 8 Duodenum 9 Omentum 10 Antrum 11 Rugae 12 Cardia Determine the primary function of the following system components. Structure Function- What is the purpose of the body part? 1 Tongue The tongue mixes food with saliva to begin the process of digestion. 2 Submandibular gland Is a salivary gland. Saliva is a lubricant which moistens food so it can be swallowed; it also begins the process of digestion. HCA 220
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3 Rugae Rugae are the thick, deep folds within the gastric mucosa, they expand as the stomach fills with food. The mucosa produces mucus which protects the stomach from acid. 4 Cardiac sphincter Located at the inferior end of the esophagus; the job of the cardiac sphincter is to keep food in the stomach. 5 Duodenum The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine which connects to the jejunum; this organ protects itself from stomach acid by producing mucus. 6
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HCA Appendix F - Axia College Material Appendix F...

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