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benefit of using public transportation

benefit of using public transportation - need to worry...

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Benefits of Using Public Transportation In the modern times, many cities' traffic become more and more congestion and using public transportation has so many advantages in cities. First, using public transportation will save our money. If we want to own a car, we need to spend much money for it. Furthermore, when we own a car, we must pay much money to keep it. For example, we need to pay vehicle license fee, gas fee, roal toll, parking fee, repair cost and many other kinds of fee for car. If we use public transportation, we just need to pay fare. Second, using public transportation is convenient. We can go to anywhere we want in cities and we don't need to think about where can park our car. We don ’t
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Unformatted text preview: need to worry about if the car will be stolen and we don’t need to spend so much time in repairing car if it's broken. We can use much time to enjoy ourselves instead of learning how to drive and practice driving. Third, it is good for our environment of life if we use public transportation. Air pollution is harm to our health. We will make less air pollution if we all use public transportation and it could decrease the global warming. Moreover, advocate using public transportation may decrease the number of personal car and make road smoother. If that happen, we will not need to worry about traffic congestion any more. We can save much time. So, I think using public transportation is benefit to us....
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