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wizard of Oz comparison - by the hot balloon As Toto jump...

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I had compared the movie and the book of Wizard of Oz in chapter 15-18. Both of book and movie in these chapters are similar at the main point. It is talk about they found that Oz was not a great magus. They felt disappointed. But Oz gave Dorothy’s friends what they want and planed to help Dorothy back to home. But as Toto, Dorothy didn’t follow Oz to back home. The difference in movie and book are a lot. But those all are details that are not impact the main idea. The first similarity is both of movies and books are talk about the great Oz is not a great magus. He is just an ordinary man as Dorothy. He just uses some knowledge and science to make people think he is a great magus. Dorothy and her friends found his secret that make him felt scare and guilty. The second similarity is that both in movie and book, Dorothy didn’t back to home
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Unformatted text preview: by the hot balloon. As Toto jump out the hand of Dorothy, Dorothy has to go out the balloon to catch Toto. At that time, the hot balloon fly away that make Dorothy couldn’t back home. The first difference is the way Oz helped Tin woodman, scarecrow and the lion. In the movie, Oz gives scarecrow a piece of certificate, give woodman a red heart with a clock, give lion a badge. In book, Oz stuffs some pins and needles in the head of scarecrow, put a silk heart in the Tin woodman’s body and let lion drink some liquid. That make them gain what they want to have. The second difference is that after Oz left, who helped him manage this city. In the movie, Oz wants the scarecrow, Tin woodman and lion all help him manage this city. But in book, Oz just wants the scarecrow to help him....
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