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Hello everyone, look at us, you may guess the topic of our speech, yes, we will introduce this kind of Chinese traditional dress—Qipao. Maybe you all know about Qipao, but most of people don’t know its styles, history, and deep meaning. Qipao is a woman’s dress with high neck and slit skirt. It was began in Qing dynasty, at that time it was just wear by the Manchu who were living in northeastern china. And it was not only worn by women, man also could wear it. But it was big, and long and its line was hidebound, its bottom reached feet. At the end of Qing dynasty, the foreign culture come in china, it affected the people’s judge of beauty. So Qipao was changed. After the downfall of Qing dynasty,
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Unformatted text preview: Qipao began to be worn by civilian and international people, the new Qipao appeared. Later, Qipao was influence by eastern-style, it was more fit body and pay more attention to the bodys line. It was similar to todays Qipao. It have many styles, patterns and meanings. Those will be introduced later. Qipao is not only a costume, but also an art, even a thought. Yes, Qipao is a kind of costume, it can show the womans beauty. It is an art, it express the dream of Chinese people. And it is also a thought, it express the sprite of moving with times. We hope you could know more about Qipao after listening our speech. Thats all. Thankyou....
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