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A Painting – The Sistine Madonna The first time I saw the painting The Sistine Madonna on a history book, I had a feeling of kindness and holiness. This painting was a representative work of Raphael. At first, I noticed the middle of painting. The young innocent Madonna gave me the feeling of geniality and heavenliness. She holds her baby in her arms as she was an ordinary and kind mother. With dignity and confused on her beautiful face, but from her soft eyes, I could feel her deep love to the people all over the world. Then her bare feet attracted me. I saw her exposed feet standing on the white clouds, as if she was flying down from the heaven. I could imagine how clearly and holy the heaven is. My
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Unformatted text preview: teacher Mr. Zhang explained that the two people beside Madonna were Pope Sixtus II and Christian Barbara. They represent sovereign and civilian. These two people looked very religious and respectful; it made the painting looked more holy. The most kind and holy scene was on the bottom of the painting. There were two lovely cherubs put their hands under the chin as if they were thinking about something. When I saw these two cherubs, I could hear the sweet singing from the heaven, and my heart was calmed suddenly. All in all, this painting is very wonderful. Its kindness and holiness embodies the central idea of the painting....
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