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How to Be a Successful Student To be a successful student is a long process. The first step is to make an efficient time schedule and comply it strictly. You could write down the things which you must complete everyday on the top of schedule. It is good ways to study designedly. The time schedule don’t need to too compact. You should combine work with relaxation and arrange free time for brain and body to have a rest. If you comply with it strictly, you can reward yourself. The second step is to listen carefully during class. You should concentrate your mind on listening to teachers and taking notes. If you don’t understand one point what teacher teaches you, you should write it down and keep on following teacher. Generally, the knowledge what teachers teach in class is very
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Unformatted text preview: important. If you listened carefully and understood what teacher said, reviewing lessons would be easier and much more time would be saved. The most important step is to do exercise seriously and ask question continually. Doing exercise is an efficient way to improve you. You can do exercise after class and check you situation of grasping knowledge. Besides, you should ask question tirelessly. If you couldn’t make sense what teacher said during class or have some questions in exercise, you must ask classmates or teachers after class. It is a simple way to solve problem and improve you. After following these steps, I think good universities will not be far....
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