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Analysis of The Wizard of Oz In the analysis of the test book of The Wizard of Oz , author think that the book The wizard of Oz reflect grassroot protest the government of that time. People think that government always deceive the people which make people angry. But in the analysis in the paper, Kim Myers think that the film reflect the people’s live and mentality during the U.S. Great Depression in thirty years. Though at the very time, people still have a hope, just like the “Yellow Brick Road” in the film. The Americans begin to find a way to out of the Great Depression with their hope, just like Dorothy and her friends did. And the President Roosevelt restored confidence in the American people with his New Deal, just like the Wizard in the film. I think in this story Dorthy is kind and brave, and her friends is very
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Unformatted text preview: important. Clothes are very especial espeicially the The silver shoes are used to discuss the value of having a silver, instead of a gold standard. Some criticism has seen it as a heroic myth, as it appears to follow that structure. Other perspectives seen reflected in the story include “the feminist, spiritual, mystical, psychotherapeutic, Freudian, political, and social perspectives (Vaughan)”. It seems that because the story is so basic that it can be found to have any symbolic meaning. Vaughan , Heather. “ Wonderful Wizard of Oz: An analysis ” Worn Through. September 16, 2009 at 5:00 am. Review: November 23, 2009. <>...
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