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Assignment1 - animal resources,and ways to use...

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1. five billion year ago,How the Earth is ? It was formed from a swirling cloud of gas and dust. 2.What was the other great change about a billion years ago? It was an enormous ecosystem of oceans and continents began to develop with many diverse forms of live,all dependent on one another. 3. What were people found with the combination of intelligence and manual dexterity? people have found ways to make much use of the land on Earth usable,ways to use plant and
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Unformatted text preview: animal resources,and ways to use minerals,fuels,and other Earth materials and resources. 4. What is an Ecosystem? An Ecostsem is a balance of plants,animals,and even microorganisms that interact with one another and their environments. 5. What's the effect of the grave growing population? Creating food shorages,problems of air quality,and changes in weather patterns,all in all ,it will bad for people....
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