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assignment5. - Yueyang Tower” and"Petition...

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My love--Chinese subject I have nine subjects in high school, but Chinese is my favorite. I love it for three reasons. First, it is easy for me to learn well. During Chinese class I always feel relaxed. I don’t need to remember a lot of new words, and I also don’t need to make a mountain of calculations. I can easily understand what the teacher said and follow his instruction. I often gain high scores in Chinese exam, which makes me more love this subject. Another reason is that reading the classical Chinese language article, Tang Poem and Song poetry is an enjoyment. When I read them, the harmonious and smooth cadences make me feel comfortable. It record history, philosophy, landscape and allegory. Most of these articles had influenced my thought and life. Such as "On
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Unformatted text preview: Yueyang Tower” and "Petition table". Through the explanation of teacher, I could enter the author’s world. I feel happy or sad, confused or courageous following the author. The most important reason is I like writing diary and composition. I am used to write down what had happened in my book. It can help me remember lots of things. After a long time, I can review my diary. It will bring me some wonderful memories. Writing composition is a good way to share my ideas with others. I am a good writer so I always gain a lot of admirations, which makes me very happy. Anyway, I think Chinese subject is the best subject I had learned and I will love it forever....
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