ENG230 summary1 - they had did something harm for school or...

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Summary This argument talks about San Francisco Ballet School declined to admit an eight years old girl as she had the wrong body type to be a successful ballerina (Ryan 57). The girl’s mother got very angry and sued the ballet school for discrimination. Keefer likes dance very much and she want to come to this Ballet School to study. Many schools reject students for the same reason, and men and women are not created equal. But many people think that they have their right to dance. The writer thinks that the eight year’s old girl can’t train as much as adult because of there age (Ryan 58). Keefer’s mother insisted on their decision, and she think dancing is the best career for her daughter. I think school can not reject students. First, school’s duty is creating a good condition for students to study. If students have some problems, what school can do is just advising the student to chance mind. Schools can not reject students except that
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Unformatted text preview: they had did something harm for school or did not pay a premium. Schools should treat this kind of students as others or provide more attentions, because they need more help. Second, any student has chance to be admitted to study in school. “Interest is the best teachers.” If the student is interested in something and keep on doing this, she or he would do it better no matter what difficulty in front of them. Expect that, everyone has dreams, and everyone wish to achieve their dreams, why school arrested child achieving their dreams? If schools give students a chance, even if they fail to do that, they will not feel repentantly and thank very much. Work Cited Ryan, Joan. “We Are not Created Equal in Every Way”, in Behrens, Lawrence and Leonard J. Rosen. A Sequence for Academic Writing, 3rd. New York: Pearson Longman 2005....
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ENG230 summary1 - they had did something harm for school or...

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