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My strongest energy is air, I am good at thinking and learning.I know perseverance, optimism,sonsy, curious,independent,and caring could make me great. I like solving problems and coming up with new ideas. I need to understand and tontorl life. I like something new. I always worried about many things that not important. I afraid about many things get together that make me nervous. It let me think I have a lot of things need to do. It make me feel tired. It let me think of I’m so busy that I can not stop to relax myself. So I will be crazy. But if it is just one thing in front of me, no
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Unformatted text preview: matter how difficult it is, I would not worry. If I had 10 million, I don’t think it is enough for me, so I will use this money to invest and make more money. I will open supermaket,hospital,hotel, and other companies. Then I will found school to help kids that can not pay for study, and I will do other things to help other people. But at the first, I must bring my parent here and let them live comfortablely with me.I will went to many places around the world, such as Venice,Prague, Great Barrier Reef, Alpes, The Great Lakes, Ottawa, Maldives with my parents....
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