Lincoln and obama style - Obamas Leadership Style From...

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Obama’s Leadership Style From Lincoln President Obama, like any other organizational leader, must examine what he has working in his favor and determine the key levers that he can utilize to achieve objectives. Obama said that Lincoln was the support of his spirits, so Obama treated Lincoln as his model and He has mimic to taken Lincoln’s style "team of rivals" approach in selecting people to include former rivals serve in his cabinet. Obama had announced his cabinet, he is clearly looking at some strong personalities, such as Larry Summers at Treasury, and he is considering keep on Bush's secretary of defense, Robert Gates. Bursting with ego, Rahm Emanuel, Obama's pick as White House chief of staff, does not at all fit the "No Drama" Obama mode of the campaign. As James O'Toole, the distinguished Professor at the Daniels College of Business and University of Denver said, “His approach of visionary leadership is appealing but risky.” It is difficult for us to judge of Obama’s decision of following Lincoln’s model. Although “Lincoln was a political genius (Goodwin)” and he had made a big success in politics career, his methods could not all adapt to Obama’s age. First, conditions of America are different. Nobody can ensure Obama’s former rivals could help him. During the age of Lincoln, America faced different kinds of difficulties, so most of American including some his rivals found their main goal was the same, they
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Lincoln and obama style - Obamas Leadership Style From...

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