Lincoln and obama - of America is good, and American isnt...

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Following Lincoln’s Mode Is Not Good It is difficult for us to judge of Obama’s decision of following Lincoln’s model. But I think following Lincoln’s model of including former rival Hillary Clinton in his cabinet is not as good as Lincoln incorporate his eminent rivals into cabinet. Although Lincoln was a political genius and he had made a big success in politics career, his methods could not all adapt to current condition. First, conditions of America are different. Nobody can ensure Obama’s former rivals could help him as Lincoln’s eminent rivals. During the time of Lincoln as the president of America, America faced different kinds of difficulties, so all American including his rivals wished to solve these problems and they did not focus their energy on opposing or making trouble for Lincoln. So Lincoln “won the war, saved the union, and ended slavery (Goodwin)” with the help of his rivals. But now, condition
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Unformatted text preview: of America is good, and American isnt meeting difficulties. Second, Obama and his rivals are from different parties, they have different opinions and policy of managing America, so big argument must be presented. It is hard to dealing with the strong egos of the men in his cabinet suggests, as Doris Kearns Goodwins book Team of Rivals said, Lincolns mode is a high-risk strategy of Obama, one that could alienate his allies and sow dysfunction inside the white house.(Goodwin) Williams, Joseph. Will Lincolns team of rivals play today? Some historians say Obama may be making error. Globe Staff. November 21, 2008. Retrieved: October 18, 2009 < ls_play_today?mode=PF>...
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Lincoln and obama - of America is good, and American isnt...

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