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After reading the poem To be or Not to be, I think that Hamlet will give up the thought of suicide eventually. There are three reasons: Firstly, although Hamlet doesn’t know which he should choose, he thinks living the first, as the title “To be or Not to be” (Shakespeare, P223). In his mind, living is the first thought, he wants to live even if there are many difficulties in front of him, he want to try to overcome it. Suicide is the last choice he wants to do. He will not do that less than last resort. Secondly, Hamlet wishes to do some great things, he has dreams and he wants to makes his dream come true. Except that, to be a dutiful son, he has responsibility to
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Unformatted text preview: find out the person who killed his father. Thirdly, Hamlet is afraid of the dream of death, he is afraid of the endless dark and he doesn’t know what he will see in the dream of death. He afraid to meet more difficulties and see more awful things, and if he chooses to suicide, he will not back any more. As the sentences “But that the dread of something after death- The undiscover’ed country, from whose bourn. No traveller returns – puzzles the will” (Shakespeare, P224). So for Hamlet, living is better than death, he will keep on living....
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