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Alnita Holland Math/116 Algebra 1A Instructor: Gabriel Burns December 1, 2011 Concept Check Week 4 Explain why the line x = 4 is a vertical line. The line x =4 is a vertical line, and since it has no slope, or the slope is undefined, it is vertical because the purpose comprises all consisted pairs with an x-coordinate 4. If I link all such points on a xy-plane, it will be a vertical line and given that it has no slope, or
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Unformatted text preview: the slope is indeterminate, it is vertical. Plot two points where x = 4 such as (4, 2) and (4, 6) Plot those two points and draw a line thru them. You will receive a vertical line. In addition, if I compute a slope thru those points I will get (6-2)/ (0) which is approximate. That is the slope of a vertical line....
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