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290 test1 combined - ENGR 290 Thermo I Spring Term 2003...

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ENGR 290 Thermo I Test #1 Name________________________ Spring Term 2003 Rules: Open book, one ‘formula sheet’. 75 minutes. 100 total points, 5 problems. ( 20 points) 1. Answer the following briefly: A. Describe the difference between a ‘control volume’ and a ‘system’. B. Determine the instantaneous acceleration experienced by the 2 kg piston being acted on by gravity and the pressures shown. B. A cyclic power plant is being designed to be 40% thermally efficient and to produce 100 MW of electricity. Determine the heat rejected by this plant to the surroundings. D. Find the height (H) of the mercury column in the figure below when the system pressure is 170 kPa and the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa. Mercury is 13.6 times as dense as water. E. A gas inside a piston-cylinder is expanding at constant pressure. Is the gas getting hotter, colder, or a constant temperature? Is there into, out of, or is the process adiabatic? Show your analysis and circle your two answers! 1
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( 20 points ) 2. What is the volume-change work per kg done on or by a system going from v 1 = 6 L/kg to v 2 = 2 L/kg? The pressure (in kPa) is related to the specific volume (in L/kg) in this process by
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290 test1 combined - ENGR 290 Thermo I Spring Term 2003...

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