L0_-_Course_Admin_(4_on_1) - CS1102C Data Structures and...

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Unformatted text preview: CS1102C Data Structures and Algorithms with C++ 2--- 22 [CS1102C AY0809S2 Lecture 0] Welcome Back Tan Sun Teck COM1 03 – 15 6516 2778 [email protected] [email protected] Soo Yuen Jien COM1 02 – 36 6516 1345 sooyj @comp.nus.edu.sg [email protected] 3--- 22 [CS1102C AY0809S2 Lecture 0] Lecture schedules ¡ Monday, 2pm – 4pm, LT7A ¡ Tuesday, 9am – 10am, LT7 4--- 22 [CS1102C AY0809S2 Lecture 0] Outline ¡ What is this module about? ¡ Objectives ¡ Websites ¡ Labs and tutorials ¡ Assessments 5--- 22 [CS1102C AY0809S2 Lecture 0] What is this module about? This module is: ¡ The second part of introductory programming ¡ Emphasizes on algorithms and data structures ¢ Topics covered: ¡ abstraction and encapsulation ¡ basic algorithmic analysis ¡ classic data structures (lists, stacks, queues) ¡ various sorting methods ¡ trees, BST ¡ hash tables ¡ heaps and priority queues ¡ graph representations and graph algorithms 6--- 22 [CS1102C AY0809S2 Lecture 0] Objectives To learn about problem solving techniques, data structures, the related algorithms and when to use them ¢ Recursion and Data abstraction ¢ Understand algorithmic complexity ¢ Proficiency in the design and coding of programs 7--- 22 [CS1102C AY0809S2 Lecture 0] Course Resources ¢ IVLE ¡ Lab forum: ¢ Questions about lab, discussion, best submissions ¡ Lectures forum: ¢ Everything about lecture materials ¡ Tutorial forum: ¢ Question and Suggested Solution ¡ Announcement: read daily ¡ Lesson plan ¡ Workbin: ¢ lecture notes, tutorial questions and solutions, etc ¡ Anonymous Feedback: ¢ Do not use if you expect a reply!!...
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L0_-_Course_Admin_(4_on_1) - CS1102C Data Structures and...

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