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NUS CS1102 Data Structures with Multiple Organization NUS CS1102 Basic Data Structures b Array b Linked List b Trees The three basic building blocks for data structures are array, linked list and trees. We combine them to implement different data structures. NUS CS1102 Mix-and-Match 1 b Array of Linked-List 3 2 1 Array of linked list can implement a graph, or a hash table with separate chaining.
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NUS CS1102 Mix-and-Match 2 b Binary Search Tree + Linked-List 5 4 8 7 1 3 9 2 You can have an augmented BST, where the successor pointer form a linked list. NUS CS1102 More Examples b Need an ADT for s enqueue(item) s dequeue(item) s peek() s printInOrder() Here is another example. Suppose we need an ADT that supports the operations of a queue plus printing the elements In some order. NUS CS1102 Use a Queue O(N log N) printInOrder () O(1) peek () O(1) dequeue () O(1) enqueue (item) If we use a queue, we can support the queue operation efficiently. But to print the items in order, we need to first sort the items in the queue, which is O(N log N) time.
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