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Unformatted text preview: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science 6.041/6.431: Probabilistic Systems Analysis (Fall 2008) Recitation 6 1 September 23, 2008 1. Problem 2.26, page 124 of the text. PMF of the minimum of several random variables. On a given day, your golf score takes values from range 101 to 110, with probability 0.1, independent of other days. Determined to improve your score, you decide to play on three different days and declare as your score the minimum X of the scores X 1 , X 2 , and X 3 on the different days. (a) Calculate the PMF of X . (b) By how much has your expected score improved as a result of playing on three days? 2. A family has 5 children. The first child is an adopted girl, and the remaining four have equal a priori probability of being male or female, independent of the other children. Let G be the number of daughters out of the remaining four children in the family. If the parents had a pie to distribute evenly among their daughters, what is the expected amount of pie that they...
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