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Current Financial Information (Enter the most recent information you can find; if possible, use trailing 12-month data) I. Income Statement Current EBIT = $(410.00) Current Interest Expense = $74.00 Current Capital Spending $242.67 Current Depreciation and Amortiza $30.67 Current Revenues = $1,117.00 II. Balance Sheet This period Last period Current Non-cash Working Capital $(110.50) $(31.00) Book Value of Debt = $348.68 76.7 Book Value of Equity = $138.00 28.59 $25.56 1.88 III. Tax Information NOL carried forward = $500.00 Marginal tax rate = 35.00% Adjustments to Current Financial Information Do you have any operating leases? No No Are there any other operating expenses to be capitalized? No Discount Rate Inputs Current Beta = 1.60 Current Cost of Borrowing = 8% Current Market Value of Debt =  $348.68  Expectations for the future Do you want to enter the growth rate in revenues each year? Yes If no, Compounded Annual Growth Rate in Revenues for next 10 years: 42.60% Do you want me to use current working capital as percent of revenues for the No If not, enter non-cash working capital as a percent of revenues in future perio 3.00% How would you like capital expenditures to be estimated? 3 If you would chose 3, enter the sales to capital ratio that you would like main 3.00 Stable Growth Inputs Expected Growth Rate in perpetutity = 6% Expected Operating Margin = 10.00% Expected Debt to Capital(MV) Ratio for the firm = 15.00% Expected Beta =  1.00  Expected Cost of Debt = 7.00% Return on Capital for the firm = 20.00% Per Share Inputs Number of Shares outstanding = 340.79 Current Stock Price =  $84.00  Does your firm have equity options outstanding? Yes If yes, enter the number of options outstanding = 38           and the average exercise price of the options outstanding 13.375           and the average maturity of the options outstanding = 8.4           and the standard deviation in the firm's stock price = 50% General Information Current long term government bond rate = 6.50% Estimated Market Risk Premium = 4.00% Relative Valuation If you want to do a relative valuation of your firm, enter these inputs: Year on which multiple is to be applied = 10 Value to Sales multiple in that year = 1.15
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Relative Valuation Output Year in which multiple is used = 10 Year Revenues Cumulated Cost of Capital Value to Sales Ratio for Specialty retailers= 1.15 1  $2,793  112.84% 2  $5,585  127.33% Revenue in chosen year =  $39,006  3  $9,774  143.68% Value in chosen year =   $44,857  4  $14,661  162.11% Cost of capital in chosen yea  3.0789  5  $19,059  182.87% Value today =   $14,569  6  $23,862  205.05%  $26  7
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amazon2000 - Current Financial Information (Enter the most...

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