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700 Years of Religious Conflict

700 Years of Religious Conflict - Anglican church...

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700 Years of Religious Conflict timeline: c. 1000-1700 Terms: -the reformation -conflicting power structures, confusing geography -the crusades c.1095 – 1291, 4 major crusades, focus on Jerusalem -papal primacy -the great schism 1054 -the investiture conflict who controls church, 1073 – 1085, separation of church and state -pope urban the second and the first crusades -Martin Luther 1517 grows up in Germany, sincere Christian, becomes a monk. Wants reform not revolution, indulgences (fines for sins ect), post 95 theses, excommunicated and then wants a revolution. Salvation is free/through grace. Pope and church arnt very Christian, question them and then the holy roman empire -the peasants war 1525 religious and class conflict, 100,00 killed “fought for Christianity but not the church” catholic church supported by France, opposed by Germany. (England supports Lutherans,
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Unformatted text preview: Anglican church formed)-the st. Bartholomew Day Massacre part of Europe’s war of religion (last 200 years), happens in France a wedding, assassination attempt occurs against hugonaut general. King of France sides with the pope, three day declaration ~50,000 killed. The Papacy-starts with the Apostle Peter, linked with Rome, the bishop of Rome assumes leadership The Sack of Constantinople 1204 Christian army claims, destroy Christian city The Avignon (city in France) Papacy 1309 – 1378-pope fleets the Mongols and unrest in Rome-french popes solidify churches financial and legal structures, succession of French popes-pope urban sixth elected in 1378 – now 2 popes the 3 popes in 1409, back to a consensus pope in 1417...
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