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Exploration and Exploitation - Aztec Civilizations-highly...

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Exploration and Exploitation Timeline and Terms Timeline: 1400 – 1700 Terms: -the 3 G’s (to explain motivations, God Glory and Gold) -Vasco da Gama (1497) makes it around Africa and makes it into India. The height of Portuguese explorers -Christopher Columbus (from Italy) a great sailor, a self promoter. Makes it to Bahamas, thinks hes in the west indies. -The Treaty of Tordesillas -Ferdinand In the New World (everything to the west) 3 major civilizations -Incans, (Sothern Americas) Aztecs, and Mayas (Central Americas) -Algonquin Indians :mid Atlantic regions -significant populations, but no immunities
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Unformatted text preview: Aztec Civilizations-highly religious, engage in sacrifice, build large structures (ziggurats/pyramid like)-nomadic groups, hunt and gather Navigational Innovation: The magnetic compass and Portuguese sails Early Exploration: The Catalan Atlas-1492 the first goes on sale in European markets, grossly inaccurate. But Columbus and the other weren’t concerned of “falling off the earth”. Dividing the World Between Portugal and Spain: Treaty of Tordesillas Magellan Around the World Magellan ends the first wave of exploration (he circumnavigate the world)...
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