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History Through Modern Context

History Through Modern Context - -came to university for...

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History Through Modern Context: Universities Time: Middle Ages and Renaissance (c. 1100-1700) Terms: -humanism belief in the abilities of humankind, belief that rational answers exists, focus on life here and now instead of eternity. “life is for the living” -patron -bologna -oxford A Renaissance University -born in the humanist tradition -a guild or corporation of scholars (universitas is Latin for guild; a community of scholars and students) -like the arts, supported by patrons (the wealthy) -established standards for achievement in scholarship (degrees) and specific disciplines (schools, majors) -fixed curriculum -created, in part, due to tense “town and gown” relations (students: noisy, quarrelsome, given to drinking, and excessively fond of prostitutes) Who is Involved Students: -secular -locals and foreigners -rich and poor (to certain extent)
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Unformatted text preview: -came to university for four primary reasons: to learn the classics, for protection, for career training, for intellectual amusement Leaders:-city officials-scholars-religious leaders (including the pope)-students Curriculum-the liberal arts the trivium (grammar, rhetoric, logic)-professional training (medicine, law, theology, arts)-the quaddrivium (arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, music) Programs of Study-as young as 13-mentorships-attends lectures-no graded assignments-had to produce a “masterpiece” of their craft-“bachelor of arts” (bachelor: young man) after 4-6 years Graduate Study Master of Arts (M.A.)-license to teach-additional years of study (3-4 years) Doctor of _____(Ph.D)-medicine, law, philosophy, theology-additional 7-15 years of study-considered experts...
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History Through Modern Context - -came to university for...

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