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Following Rome: The Middle Ages Timeline: 395 – 1500 -the Huns Attila and the Huns, 400 to 60s. nomadic group, go to conquer take resources, don’t create empire. One of the greatest military forces, perfect the ability to ride horses and Calvary. Rampage western Europe, and states emerge -Byzantine Empire (replace Rome) eastern half of roman empire, center in Constantinople, spreads Christianity, expands under Justinian (527-565), sets stage for crusades. -Islam rise of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (570-632), Quran, monotheistic -Muhammad unites tribes of the Arabian peninsula. Becomes an Heir of the roman empire.
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Unformatted text preview: Muhammad and Islam conflicts with Byzantines.-Charlemagne-Feudalism-crusades-the black death Decline of the Roman Empire-crisis of the third century (235-284) 25 emperors, political and economic chaos-subdivions created- the tetrachy (the rule of four)-problems with inflation-to big to be united?-reforms attempted (Diocletian, Constantine the great-convert to Christianity/official religion of Rome, moves capital from Rome to constantinople /Istanbul) 395- Emperor Theodosius Dies (last Roman Emperor to rule all of the empire) The Roman Empire Spilts-in the west there is nationalizations....
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