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44BC Assassination of Caesar -empire declines -adopted son Octavious, Marc Antony, and Brutus try to take control. Octavious takes over and gives power to the senate. (ideals of Rome) is deemed Caesar Augustus by the senate. Pax Romana 27BC – 180AD -the time of happiness -gladiator fights, gifts from the emperor (magistrate) to the people. Reminds them who’s in charge. Slaves cant attend, but men and women can come. -Virgil (the Aneneid) “a divine mission to bring peace and civilized life to the world.” -Ptolemy/Amalgest (the greatest; scientific knowledge known at the time)
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Unformatted text preview: -Marcus Aurelius (meditations) shows dichotomy of roman culture. Last ruler of Rome, (r. 161 – 180AD) The Glory of Rome-building temples and fountains. Coliseum built. While Rome is Ruleing the World, Jesus of Nazareth Timeline: 6-4 BC birth of Jesus 4 BC Herod the Great dies Rome after Aurelius (pax romana-211 – 300 AD: more than 70 emperors-invasions of barbarian tribes-cant defend borders-formation of mercenary army-loss of stability, end of peace-Rome’s tenure of dominance is ending...
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