Rising Tensions in North America

Rising Tensions in North America - Thomas Paines Common...

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Burning the Stamp Act Sons of Liberty -need to educate the people of North America -give speeches, and debates -inclusive in their grouping (Christian or not) Boston Massacre -a piece of propaganda -sons of liberty seize on this Boston tea Party (1773) -Britain allows one company to bring tea into North America -sons of liberty organize revolt, dress as native Americans -British parliament is outraged, to punish they decide to close the Boston port until they pay for all the tea they dumped First Continental Congress -call for reform, not revolution -right to control their own taxation -withdrawal of British troops
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Unformatted text preview: Thomas Paines Common Sense(doesnt come to America until 1774)-why the separation has to happen-says monarchies are done, separation has to occur-gives voice to colonist Thomas Jeffersons Declaration of Independence-versed in enlightenment ideals, natural rights George Washington Unconventional Tactics: Christmas 1776-crosses the Delaware river to fight hung-over British on Christmas An Unpopular War in Britain-The Dying Redcoats-British Army making fun of Americans Yankee Doodle Dandy Treaty of Paris 1783-no longer does Britain control America...
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