World War One

World War One - -included Wilsons League of Nations “Lost...

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Timeline and Terms Timeline: 1914 – 1920 Terms: Franz Ferdinand -entanglement Trench Warfare Bolshevik/Russian Revolution -Vladimir Lenin -Treaty of Versailles -World War 1 (is the Great war, Global War, The War to end all Wars) The Balkans: The Great Wars Melting Pot Pre-War Entanglement: The “Triple Entente” (UK, FR, RUS) vs The “Triple Alliance” (GER, Austria-Hungary, Italy) Germany Schleiffen Plan Belgium- Neutrality Ignored Germany Surrenders November 11, 1918 Wilsons 14 Points Plan -Wilson is arguing for no more secret agreements, free navigation, free trade, reduction of weapons in the western world, colonies have to figure a fair way to become more independence, remover Germany from Russia, Italians tbe allowed to move back k to Italy, France has to be liberated, Belgium needs to be restored, more international cooperation (league of nations). Treaty of Versailles -Germany to assume “war guilt” -pay to other European nations (33 billion) -cede portions of German empire -promise not to remilitarize
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Unformatted text preview: -included Wilsons League of Nations “Lost Generation” of Europe-Britain is deeply in debt to united states-France is in debt to united states-Belgium ad France have significant damages-Germany is badly damaged All quiet on the Western Front-written by Remarque German WW| veteran-story of German student turned soldiers-published 1928, 1930 film wins an Academy Award (best picture) Boom then Bust: The 1920s-1929 stock market crashes, and starts the great depression Changes in Russia-1917 Bolshevik revolution-1919-1921 civil war-1924 Lenin dies-then Joseph Stalin appears-creation of communes-famine of 1933-the “great Terror” of 1937-1938 Italy Rebuilds through Fascism-Italy had broke the entanglement pattern-promised much, received little-deeply in debt divided between north and south Benito Mussolini-unrepentant fascist-focuses on order-leads a March on Rome, October 28, 1922-wants to rebuild the military as quickly as possible...
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World War One - -included Wilsons League of Nations “Lost...

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