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Greece: A Story of Radical Democracy and Violent Militarism -Democratic and violent. Gave us the first democratic model. Timeline: c. 2200-330bc, Terms: -The Olympics The First Olympics (776BCE) -to honor the gods, a sign that things are improving. A cultural tradition, the first are confined to the Greek world. The religious components were sacrifices, readings and discussions. Athletes compete as individuals, and become the pride of there culture. They do not get a prize for winning, except a garland/fame. -The Polis gives rights to citizens, and outlines their responsibilities. An idea of government, people have a say in the say government works. (Sparta is a polis) each city state defended by a Hoplite (type of armor) Army. Military service and political rights are connected. like a city state, -Athens vs Sparta The Greek word: dominated by Athens and Sparta. Sparta is landlocked, isn’t very active in international trade. Spartan history rises after dark ages, focus and military; (Spartan
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