The First Civilization

The First Civilization - Mesopotamia Timeline: 3500-700bce...

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Mesopotamia Timeline: 3500-700bce Terms -Fertile: crescent med. sea to Persian Gulf city states become important, Mesopotamia is part of the fertile crescent, this region is conducive to growing crops. -Mesopotamia (between two rivers; the Tigris and Euphrates. These rivers are praised and “cursed”. They would flood often/irregularly and badly. The people thought the gods were spiteful): first written language it is very hot and know as modern day Iraq. In 3500, beginning of city life, one of the big changes is the Neolithic revolution (start to live in permanent settlement instead of nomadic) -Sumer The southeastern portion of the Fertile Crescent and is very religious (ziggurat, place of religion, commerce, and politics) constantly at war. city-states are enemies. When the harvest happened they liked to celebrate. Sumerian Cities (12 city sates, ”city nation” biggest are Ur and Uruk,, Sanitation was a huge problems like bodies and waste. Desire for proximity a means of safety. Also
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