The French Revolution

The French Revolution - Royal Opulence-by 1780s France is...

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The French Revolution Timeline and Terms: Timeline: 1788 – 1815 Terms: -The Third Estate -Feudalism -The Tennis Court Oath creates a new political body; remove monarchy -Storming of Bastille -Maximillien Robespierre- “Reign of Terror” -Napoleon Bonaparte The Three Estates -the first estate- the clergy 1% of the population, 10% of the land, 1000,000 total -second estate- nobility 2.5% of the population, 20% of the land 4000,000 total -third estate- everyone else 95-97% of population, widespread poverty
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Unformatted text preview: Royal Opulence-by 1780s France is bankrupt-1789 estates general is called by the monarch, representatives from all three estates are present. Delegates representing the third estate will be seated somewhere else.-national assembly (represent the poor people of France, an they make their own army) The Tennis Court Oath (1789)-formed after the representative for the third estate is dismissed Storming of the Bastille-July 14, 1789-mob attacks prison (insane asymlum)...
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