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1 EE2120 QUIZ No. 9 November 28, 2000 NAME (please print) SSN INSTRUCTIONS Sign below if you wish your work to be graded for credit The work that I submit abides by the department’s policy on academic dishonesty. Signature/Date 1. (15pts)For the circuit in the figure, use node analysis to determine the differential equation for the voltage, v C , across the capacitor. Note that you can define a supernode Use the + - - + S v C v L v S i X i α X i R C L following steps (a) (2pts)write the equation for the controlling variable (b) (3pts)express
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Unformatted text preview: v L as a function of the capacitor voltage (and its derivatives) (c) (6pts)write the node equation for the supernode (d) (2pts)eliminate integrals (e) (2pts)arrange the terms in the dierential equation 2. (10pts) For the same circuit assume the following values v S = 12 V,i S = 8 mA,R = 6 k ,L = 10 mH,C = 2 F (a) (5pts)Determine the steady state value of the capacitor voltage. (b) (5pts)Determine the steady state value of the inductor current....
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