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Hw1 - EE2120 Spring 2003 Homework 1 Instructions You must...

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EE2120 Spring 2003 - Homework 1 Instructions & You must work every problem & Start each problem on a new page and number every page & Copy the problem statement and circuit or figure, when appropriate, and then begin the solution & Turn this handout in together with your work & Show all your work, including every intermediate step used in arriving to your solution & Keep the graded homework in your files. If necessary after grading, attach to it new pages correcting your mistakes. Neatness counts WARNING: Points will be deducted if you do not follow the instructions Problem numbers refer to Irwin’s 7th edition. 1. If x ( t )= t 2 0 t 1 11 <t 2 t +3 2 3 0 elsewhere & Give a complete definition for the derivative of x ( t ) , −∞ <t< & Sketch the graph of the derivative & Evaluate the definite integrals a 1 = % 1 0 x ( τ ) d τ a
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