Ch_9 - Grammar Chapter 9 A way of describing the structure...

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1 Chapter 9 Phrases and Sentences: Grammar Grammar ± A way of describing the structure of phrases and sentences which will account for all of the grammatical sequences and rule out all the ungrammatical sentences. Grammar ± The busy students = grammatical phrase ± * students the busy = not grammatical ± * busy the students = not grammatical ± An asterisk is used in linguistics to indicate an ungrammatical/ill-formed sentence or phrase (one that would not be uttered by a native speaker). Grammar ± How would you explain to a non-native speaker why “students the busy” and “busy the students” are not grammatical in English? ± What do these examples say about the ordering of the components of a noun phrase in English? Definitions of Grammar ± Mental grammar : a form of internal linguistic knowledge which operates in the production and recognition of appropriately structured expressions in any given language. ± Descriptive grammar (language specific): the study and analysis of the structures found in a specific language, usually with the aim of describing how the structures of that language differ from the structures of other languages ± Prescriptive grammar : do’s and don’ts of language usage. Identification of the “proper” or “best” structures to be used in
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Ch_9 - Grammar Chapter 9 A way of describing the structure...

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