Ch_16 - Chapter 16 First language acquisition Acquisition...

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1 Chapter 16 First language acquisition Acquisition ± There is an innate predisposition to acquire language (Chomsky’s view), but the child has to be given opportunities to interact with language users in order to develop it. ± 2 requirements for first language acquisition: ± The child must be physically capable of sending and receiving language signals. ± The child must have frequent opportunities to interact with other language users. Caretaker speech ± Caretaker speech/ Motherese: speech which is characterized by simplified words and sentence structures, repetition, frequent questions, and exaggerated intonation. ± Parents treat their children’s utterances as being meaningful and important even when they are unintelligible, this teaches the child the interactional function of language (that language is a way of sharing emotions and forming relationships with others). ± Caretaker speech does become more complex as the child acquires more language.
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Basic stages of language acquisition ± Pre-language stages ± Cooing ± Babbling ± True Language ± One word/ holophrastic stage ± Two-word stage ± Telegraphic speech Cooing ± These are the first recognizable sounds the child produces. ± Usually happens from 3 to 6 months of age ± The sounds are usually velar (/k/, /g/) and and high vowels (/i/, /u/) Babbling ± Usually starts around 6 months when the child starts to sit up. ± The child starts producing different types of sounds
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Ch_16 - Chapter 16 First language acquisition Acquisition...

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