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Campus Correspondence LOUSIANA STATE UNIVERSITY October 4, 2005 TO: Hugh Buckingham, Professor Linguistics Program Professors Dixit, Pruitt, and Alfandre COMD 2050 FROM: Elin Epperson, Coordinator Spoken English Program for International Graduate Assistants RE: EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT: EVALUATING SPOKEN ENGLISH AND PRESENTATION SKILLS OF INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE STUDENTS IN ENGLISH 1051 (FALL 2005) We look forward to having your COMD 2050 students assist in evaluating our international graduate students' spoken English ability. As you know, these presentations will help us determine if our international graduate students have the oral proficiency necessary for teaching assistantship duties requiring direct contact with LSU undergraduates. The following explains what your students can expect during each 10-minute presentation. First, each of our students will (1) explain or describe a technical term, concept, principle, or process in his/her field of study and (2) encourage interaction by asking questions of the audience and answering any student questions. We all especially look forward to your students asking and answering questions. Then your COMD 2050 students will fill out an evaluation form on each presenter/presentation.
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2011 for the course COMD 2050 taught by Professor Collins during the Fall '08 term at LSU.

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1s2006_1_.COMDCritique_Schedule_ - Campus Correspondence...

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