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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Chapter 7 Words and Word­Formation Processes and Phonological Processes Words and Word Formations Words and Word Formations Neologism: a new word in a given language, a newly invented word. Word­formation Processes Word­formation Processes Coinage: invention of a totally new term Borrowing: taking over of words from other languages Loan translation/ claque: a type of borrowing in which the parts of words are directly translated into the borrowing language Compounding: joining of 2 words to produce a new word Blending: joining the beginning of one word with the end of another Word­formation Processes Word­formation Processes Clipping: reducing a multisyllabic word to a shorter form Backformation: shortening one type (noun) of a word to form a different type (verb) of word Hypocorism: a type of backformation that is common in British and Australian English Conversion: changing the function of a word Acronym: a word formed from the initial letters of a set of other words Word­formation Processes Word­formation Processes Derivation: adding affixes to root words to produce new words Prefixes: added to the beginning of words Suffixes: added to the ends of words Infixes: incorporated into the word ...
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