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Exam 3 Exam 3 is scheduled for December 7th. Please bring your UB ID and a #2 pencil. Exam 3 will cover the material on Social Psychology, Sexuality and Gender, Stress and Health, Psychological Disorders, and Psychological Therapies. A study guide will be posted sometimes this week. Please do not solely rely on the study guide as it does not tell you what will be on the exam. Please start studying using your expensive textbook that you invested in and mypsychlab. Start by reviewing my lectures and adding material from the textbook. Use index cards to memorize psychological vocabulary, but be able to understand them well enough to apply them. Therefore, meet in
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Unformatted text preview: study groups to discuss examples for these terms. There have been some comments regarding the types of my exam questions, which consist of some application questions. Please be aware that I test you on how well you understand the material that you read in the book and heard about in class and whether you can apply it. Otherwise, I could just hand you the exam ahead of time and test you on how well you can memorize exam questions and their correct answers. That would defeat the purpose of college education....
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